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Clayton Zaluski, FSA, FCIA, CERA

Clayton graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree with a dual major in Actuarial Science and Finance in 2011. He achieved his CERA designation in 2013, his FSA in 2014 and his FCIA in 2014. Having recently completing the exam process, he saw an opportunity to help other students achieve greater exam success.

Clayton is a consulting actuary working for a consulting company in Winnipeg, Manitoba, focusing on life and group insurance valuation. He is responsible for all Valuation items, MCCSR, DCAT and ORSA. Prior to working in consulting, Clayton worked for two large insurance companies in a variety of roles including individual pricing, group pricing, corporate actuarial, reinsurance, and underwriting. 

Clayton is the lead instructor for the Foundations of Corporate Finance and ERM exam.

Steve Scoles, FSA, FCIA

Steve graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1993 with an Actuarial Science degree. He achieved his FSA and FCIA in 1997.

Steve worked for a large insurance company mostly in their Investment Division until 2011 when he semi-retired. He is currently a part time professor in the Actuarial Science program at the University of Manitoba. He enjoys coaching, competing, and announcing at amateur sports events in Canada and the US.

Steve is the lead instructor for the Strategic Decision Making exam.

Andrew Wardrop, FSA, FCIA

Andrew graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree, majoring in Actuarial Mathematics. He achieved his CERA designation in 206 and his FSA and FCIA designations in 2017. Andrew used XP Actuarial Exam Study Material to complete his FSA exams quickly and is now looking forward to helping other students achieve similar success.

Since graduating, Andrew has worked at a large Canadian Insurance company and is currently working in an Enterprise Risk Management role. He is responsible for monitoring the exposure to tail risk events. Outside work, Andrew enjoys following hockey and soccer and travelling whenever possible.

Andrew is the lead instructor for the Enterprise Risk Management exam.